Friday, July 10, 2009

Thrift Store Find

I found this wonderful chair at my neighborhood thrift store...I was so happy to find it because I was in need of a nice chair for my daughters desk that I purchased on craigslist.

They had an array of chairs but none of them spoke to my heart until I saw this one and it said "I am the one you're looking for!" the chair looks a lot wider in the picture then it is in person.

The chair must be an antique because it is small compared to today's dinning chairs and the craftsmanship and sturdiness of the chair is excellent and so was the price at $8!

Once I cleaned it up and spray painted and put on some new fabric for the seat it looked GREAT and as I suspected when I first laid my eyes on it.....It looked as though it was meant for my daughters desk!

Here is a close up of the detail of the chair I just love the lines on this little chair it is so feminine.
I love the chunky legs .
Here it is all wiped down and ready to be painted.

TaDa! here it is all painted and in it's new home and serving a new purpose.

Don't cha just think that it was made to go with the desk?

**Pictures of my daughters finished room soon to follow! **

God Bless!

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