Friday, September 26, 2008

*SOLD* Switched On Schoolhouse 8th Grade 2007 Edition For Sale!!!!


Hello Everyone! I purchased the complete curriculm. for Switched On Schoolhouse 8th Grade 2007 Edition for my daughter. We loved It!!! it was everything we needed and it has a great tracking system and report card and progress report print outs. It was worth the $200 plus dollars we spent on it!

My daughter is now in H.S. and we no longer need this software, it is in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!! It has everything that came with it and all the disks are in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!!

This is what you get:


Language Arts

History & Geography


& great Multimedia features!

I'm Asking For $100 for this complete curriculum


team gesink said...

Hello and thank you for your mention and support for our Alpha Omega Publications Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum. We would appreciate it so much if you could please post a link from your blog to our website.

Thanks and have a blessed day!

Laura MacKnight Photography said...


Do you still have the SOS software. I couldn't find it on Craiglist. If you do I would like it. Let me know...thanks.

21stCB said...

I would like to buy your 2007 SOS 8th grade materials if you still have them! Thanks